Ross  Hedvicek: Moje dcera je zde v USA na pomerne vysoke legalni pozici, zastava funkci prokuratora. To zfetovane ceske vlastenecke prase Jiri Vanek napsal nejen udani (na mne, ne na ni) nadrizenym me dcery v nadeji, ze ji to nejak uskodi a tim uskodi i mne osobne, ale vyhledal si i osoby v minulosti obzalovane moji dcerou (a ultimatne odsouzene) a i jim posilal emaily, ze otec te prokuratorky, ktera je obzalovala se dopousti (udajneho zlocinu) pasovanim automatickych zbrani z Berlina a mel by byt vysetrovan FBI a ATF a kymkoliv jinym. Pochopitelne jsem se niceho takoveho nikdy nedopustil.

Jen zlomek vteriny jsem zapremyslel, zda bych si nemel poridit vsechna ta povoleni a opravneni, ale pak si rikam: “Copak jsem blazen?”a milou sklopku jsem v rozporu s “platnymi ceskymi zakony” strcil do kufru a odletel domu. A tady ji vidite jak lezi na mem gauci z dzinsoviny v me knihovne.

Translation of Mr. Ross Hedvicek’s blog from Czech to English:

Only a fraction of second I pondered on obtaining all those permits and authorizations, but then I told to myself: “Have I lost my mind?” and thrust the dear “folding” in the boot and flew home. Here you can see it lying on my denim couch in my library.


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  1. Anonymní18:55

    Paserak Hedvicek

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulates and restricts firearms and ammunition and approves all permanent import transactions involving weapons and ammunition.

    If you want to import weapons or ammunition, you must do so through a licensed importer, dealer or manufacturer.

    Also, if the National Firearms Act prohibits certain weapons, ammunition or similar devices from coming into the country, you will not be able to import them unless the ATF provides you with written authorization to do so. If the firearm is controlled as a U.S. Munitions List article and it is temporarily imported to the United States, or it is temporarily exported, it may also require a Department of State license or need to meet the conditions for a license exemption.


    Jirko, you have him by the balls.

  2. Mr. Ross Hedvicek’s blog about “American Criminal”

    Ale protoze tenhle dobytek nejsou jen cesti vlastenci, ale predevsim "Cesi", tak
    prisly na radu udavacske dopisy a emaily.

    But because these scoundrels are not only Czech patriots but first of all Czechs,
    squawker letters and emails soon followed.

    V teto oblasti se vyznamenal predevsim Jiri Vanek, dalsi marihuanovy zfetovanec a
    signatar Charty77.

    Above all, another marihuana junkie and Charter 77 signatory Jiri Vanek
    distinguished himself in this area.

    Moje dcera je zde v USA na pomerne vysoke legalni pozici, zastava funkci

    My daughter is here in the USA in rather high legal position; she holds the
    function of attorney.

    To zfetovane ceske vlastenecke prase Jiri Vanek napsal nejen udani (na mne, ne na
    ni) nadrizenym me dcery v nadeji, ze ji to nejak uskodi a tim uskodi i mne
    osobne, ale vyhledal si i osoby v minulosti obzalovane moji dcerou (a ultimatne
    odsouzene) a i jim posilal emaily, ze otec te prokuratorky, ktera je obzalovala
    se dopousti (udajneho zlocinu) pasovanim automatickych zbrani z Berlina a mel by
    byt vysetrovan FBI a ATF a kymkoliv jinym.

    The drugged Czech patriotic pig Jiri Vanek not only wrote a denouncement (on me,
    not on her) to superiors of my daughter in a hope that he will cause some harm to
    her and also to me personally; he searched for persons accused by my daughter in
    the past (and ultimately convicted) and sent e-mails to them as well that father
    of this attorney who accused them, is committing (an alleged crime) of smuggling
    automatic weapons from Berlin and should be interrogated by FBI and ATF and
    whoever else.

    Pochopitelne jsem se niceho takoveho nikdy nedopustil.

    Naturally I never committed anything like this.

    Mimochodem udani na mne na FBI, kde jsem byl obvinen z hruzostrasnych zlocinu
    proti Ceske republice podal uz pred nekolika lety Dr. David Werner (priznal se k
    tomu v emailu mne, s vyhruzkou, ze to bude delat znovu).

    Btw, a denouncement on me to the FBI where I was accused of horrible crimes
    against the Czech Republic was submitted in the past also by Dr David Werner (he
    admitted to this in an e-mail which he sent to me with a threat that he will do
    that again).

    Pointou celeho pribehu je to, ze tento usvedceny americky zlocinec tyto Vankovy
    emaily (bylo jich vic) poslal svemu advokatovi (ze s tim nechce nic mit a advokat
    je zase poslal me) a timto skutkem dokazal, ze i americky zlocinec ma v tele vic
    moralky a charakteru nez cesky vlastenec.

    The point of this story is that this convicted American criminal sent these
    Vanek’s e-mails (there were more of them) to his counselor (that he does not want
    to have anything to do with that and the counselor then forwarded it to me); and
    by this he proved that even an American criminal has more morals and better
    character than a Czech patriot.

    Coz je velice smutna pointa o ceskem vlastenectvi, ktere je svou zrudnosti od
    fanatickeho nacismu a fanatickeho komunismu k nerozeznani.

    This is a very sad point of Czech patriotism which is indistinguishable in its monstrosity from fanatical Nazism and fanatical Communism.

  3. “American Criminal”
    Florida Inspector General refutes Mirani charges

    First, Boca Grande homeowner Hesam Oddin Mirani was accused of killing endangered gopher tortoises to build his $2.5 million island home, which could have sent him to jail for 60 years.

    He beat those charges after his first jury trial ended in a mistrial and prosecutor Martina Hedvicek dropped all charges admitting her Charlotte County state prosecutor's office did not have enough to convict Mirani.

    Then it was his turn.

    Mirani lodged complaints involving official wrongdoing by the investigating officers with the Florida Attorney General, Florida Chief Inspector General, the governor of Florida, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Florida Bar Association.

    Two of the at least three resulting investigations have refuted Mirani's counter-charges, including the 46-page report released Monday by James Knight of the Florida Chief Inspector General's Office after a nine-month investigation.

    "The allegation that the FWC conducted a conspiracy to target Mirani for prosecution is not supported by the evidence," Knight's report indicated. "Further investigation into these allegations is unwarranted."

    "Mr. Knight did a good job of protecting himself and the FWC's senior managers but now comes the hard part for the FWC: a civil lawsuit," Mirani said. "My message to the FWC is simple: See you in court. We will file the lawsuit after we receive all of the documents from Mr. Knight as required per the Freedom of Informaiton Act."

    The Florida Bar Association is still investigating Mirani's complaints.


  4. A paid message to the community from resident Hesam Mirani
    by The Boca Beacon http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=440448669860

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and supports. I appreciate that very much. There comes a time in every person’s life when he/she needs to take a stand and fight for his/her name, honor, integrity, and principle instead of making “deals” and “compromises” for short-term financial gains. For the past two years, I endured defamation of character, significant financial losses, and even two death threats because I did not want to make a “deal” and compromise on my integrity and innocence for some ridiculous garbage charges that were leveled against me by an overzealous and out-of control prosecutor who was covering up for the lies and misconduct of some officers at the expense of taxpayers.

    I made some people in our government unhappy by resisting their abuse of power and being outspoken. If standing up for my constitutional and property rights is a CRIME, then I am proudly GUILTY!

    While criminals, child molesters and rapists are released from the State’s jails because of the budget shortfall, somehow it was “decided” that it was more important for the State to use its resources to prosecute me! These charges are payback for my actions against the abuse of power by the state’s officials. Without introducing one shred of evidence that could even remotely connect me to the disappearance of gopher tortoise burrows on my vacant lot that happened sometimes between July 8 and July 21 of 2008, they charged me with this heinous crime!

    They charged me even though I was the one who brought to their attention the presence of 14 burrows on my property a month earlier! They charged me even though I was an absentee owner living 2500 miles away in Los Angeles who had no idea what was happening on his property in 2008! They charged me even though I was the one who brought the occurrence of illegal activities on my property to their attention a month earlier and they did absolutely nothing. They charged me even though, per Mike Kennedy of the USDA, there were unauthorized trucks and other vehicles seen on and around my lot from utility companies, contractors, landscapers, etc. They charged me even though all of the impacted burrows were located within the utility easement areas that were maintained by utility companies!


    According to Ms. Martina Hedvicek – Assistant State Attorney – I am guilty because I had not retained private security guards around the clock at my expense to guard the vacant lot against trespassing vehicles and persons while I lived in Los Angeles! Just to provoke jurors’ bias and prejudice, Ms. Hedvicek shamelessly started her questioning of me by asking if I could speak English and taunting me about my supposedly “wealth”. Can anyone believe Martina Hedvicek is still employed by the State after this blatant display of class warfare and xenophobia?! Where is the outrage?

    The smear campaign against me is much bigger than me. It is about our Constitution, our civil rights, and our property rights. It is about fighting those in our government that have engaged in class warfare, xenophobia, and cover-ups. It is about justice and whether it is acceptable for a government entity to use its vast resources to engage in a campaign of lies and intimidation to smear a law-abiding citizen when he dares to stand up for his rights.

    I want to have my name back. I want justice. I want the actions of Officer O’Horo, Lt. Frantz, and Ms. Hedvicek to be scrutinized and I want them to be held accountable for their misconduct. I hope that no one will ever have to go through the ordeal I have gone through.

    Best Regards

    Hesam Mirani

  5. Anonymní20:54

    Karel Jemelka (Ross Hedvicek's Brother in Law)

    Moje neteř, Martina, čeho se to sakra dopustila? Že pohnala k soudu kohosi, kdo porušil,
    intrikoval, podplácel, kupoval zákon...? Byl jsem u toho soudruzi a ptám se. Mohu si
    napsat, udělat stránky o komkoli, kdo mi nepasuje do krámu, zájmu, myšlení... ? Ale ano,
    soudruzi. Internet je svobodný. Svobodný pro čestné, hloupé, zločinné, komunisty, muslimy i
    zpropadené hlupáky věřící, že co je na webu je pravda. Jsme opravdu těmi hlupáky? No jo, no.

    My niece, Martina, what the Hell she is guilty off? That she charged somebody who breached,
    intrigued, bribed, bought the law…? I was there comrades and I am asking. Can I write,
    make a blog on anybody who does not fit in my world, interest, way of thinking…? Yes, sure,
    comrades. Internet is free. Free for the honest, stupid, criminal, Communists, Muslims, and
    damned idiots who believe that what is online is true. Are we really those idiots? Yes, indeed.

  6. Anonymní2:15

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